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Digital Technologies Company “GeoGPS “offers a modern GPS technology-based Management System


Online Monitoring

By use of GPS system, a vehicle owner is able to control the means of transport from any part of the world, as well as to get detailed information through web-platform and mobile application. The info...

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Fuel Control

For car park fuel control, fuel level digital sensor is created. By using the Fuel Control option, the information on fuel consumption parameters can be obtained in 'LIVE' mode as well as for 1 year.&...

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Ecodriving is a powerful tool which makes it possible to reduce fleet operation expenses by 20-30%. EcoDriving enables control of: Sharp acceleration/slowing down hard maneuvering Speeding Engi...

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Multifunctional Report

GPS system integrates a flexible analysis module enabling to get full information as regard to certain transport means and thematically created groups.   The reports can be customized according ...

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Personal Manager

Personal manager keeps customers comfortable and assists them in solving technical issues to become their activities more flexible and effective. Manager inspects a car park performance quality within...

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Driver Identifier

Driver identifier - is the application that has been designed to quickly locate the driver that is driving a specific vehicle. Driver identification in a real time Driver work history Commencemen...

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Temperature Sensor

By using of temperature sensor, the following parameters can be controlled in online mode: Internal temperature of car refrigerators Operating time Condition of refrigerators Refrigerator door o...

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Vehicle Dispatch Software Module is designated for medium and large auto-park ownership companies to effectively manage their auto-park and increase day-to-day activities of their employees. Target...

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Remote Trip

Remote trip device enables switching off the engine in case of unintended use of a vehicle through the application from any location. After shutting off the engine, a driver is not able to drive a car...

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14 March 2020

Tegeta Motors EXPO

The first large-scale multi-profile automobile expo in Georgia was held on July 27at the new Tegeta Motors Center in Batumi! The event featured world

14 March 2020

FinTech Abu Dhabi

13 March 2020

How To Reduce Oil Consuming

Often there is a question - how can the company reduce its expenses and at the same time take care of nature? - The answer to the question is easy, re

13 March 2020

Internal Accounting System - CRM

The fact that GeoGPS cares about the customer has been confirmed many times from the company's projects or activities. But that's not all, GeoGPS cons

13 March 2020

Earn Money By GeoGPS's help

Inovative case from GeoGPS Create your own future with your own work, whether you are or not a GeoGPS employee. Turn on machines in GPS monitoring an

13 March 2020

Call Center - 16 111

From now on you can use GeoGPS hot line, for this you only need to call 16 111. You can get all information via one phone. 1 - technical support 2 -

13 March 2020

Successful Employees, Successful Future

GeoGPS cares about consumers as technical, as well as qualitative and time-consuming ways. The company, the first and foremost, is achieving this by s

13 March 2020

Testing Of Iridium

The time flows and technologies are also developing, where GPS monitoring takes its place aswell. As you know, in today's reality for the GPS monitor

13 March 2020

Interview with Commersant

A few days ago, Radio Commersant interviewed GeoGPS, where Shako Chalidze, GeoGPS' marketing manager, was the company's representative and hos

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